Increased humidity and water tension combined with the hot environment can lead to more production of sebum in the skin which can lead in the face looking sticky and greasy; becoming a breeding and playing area for microbes. The sticky face invites dust particle which causes the skin pores to become clogged resulting to acne burstouts.
Ignoring alcohol and rich spicy food typical indian cuisine is also a remedy to avoid your pimple troubles during Monsoon. The natural and easiest way to treat pimples is by taking fruitful fruits and greeny vegetables along with drinking a lot of water and getting hydrated. Replacing your early morning tea or coffee with herbal beverages is also a good way to eradicate acne troubles.
The thundering showers and the screamiest cool weather of monsoon will feel like bless after the sweltering heat of summer. when you may feel to avoid that ugly bursting pimples on your face but it bursted out. Use good quality astringent. avoid meat and alcohol and keep your scalp dandruff free and clean. If you have any bodyback or neck acne then, tie your hair back or cover with head cap at night to avoid contact with the skin. use a aquabased moisturiser, skin toner and chemical peel as salicylic acid-based face wash to prevent acne . Acne causing helpless during monsoon period because we can not taking care of our hygiene . So, always avoid again and again touching the face with your hands, if they are not washed. Good bye friends .we meet again with some healthy information.

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