Hair Regrowth Treatment for Men and Womens

Hair loss plays a significant role in dropping confidence & appearance. Both men and women may encounter hair fall problems at any stage of age where this affects their way of seeing themselves. Krishna Aesthetic Center is one of the finest destinations helping many men and women in hair loss & hair regrowth treatment. We are the best & most trusted destination for all your hair problems.
Our certified Medical Cosmetologists help you at every stage of treatment having vast experience in different kinds of hair issues. We provide an array of services including – hair regrowth treatment for men and women.

Tackle the Causes of Hair Fall – A Brief Summary

In this age and date, hair fall is impacting men and women by different means. Excessive hair shedding & continuous thinning is one of the biggest challenges. Different factors influence the hair fall to a great extent. Let’s try to understand the possible reasons for hair loss.

1.Hormonal changes:-

At any point of age, hormonal changes may cause hair loss. Both men and women can have hormonal imbalances through different reasons such as taking or consuming birth control pills and menstrual pause.

2.Anemia :-

 It’s also another big reason for hair fall in women, where the loss of essential components such as Deficiency of iron may lead to hair loss. Taking supplements can reduce impacts efficiently.

3.Weight Loss:-

Excessive or progressive weight loss can speed up hair loss. This may cause a deficiency of important minerals and vitamins. We avoid eating nutrient-rich foods which may further lead to hair loss.


In a day-to-day lifestyle, we are passing through different kinds of stressful situations, which influence our brain & psychology. This stress can increase the hair fall process to a greater extent.


In addition to the above-mentioned methods, Heredity is another big factor that decides our hair fall problems. We inherit certain traits & diseases from our genes. And at a point in time, we can have hair fall problems.

6.Pollution / Environmental Factors:-

 We can’t deny the fact that we are living in a polluted environment. The increasing pollution is affecting our bodies & hair too much. Air pollution & groundwater pollution will damage the hair.

Krishna Aesthetic Center – Best Hair Regrowth Treatment Clinic

a. Krishna Aesthetic Center is the place of best and experienced cosmetologists offering you world-class hair regrowth treatment for men and women. We use cutting-edge dermatology treatments such as Nutra therapy, PRP treatment, and Growth factor therapy.

b.Our team of cosmetologists examine your condition & use the appropriate treatment methods that suit you. Since our inception we are continuously involved in delivering high end services in hair growth treatment & known as the foremost hair regrowth treatment clinic .

c.We explore detailed information about our treatment procedure & do everything to make your personality better. Since our inception, we have treated a number of patients across the country & still in progress. Let’s have a look over different hair treatment options.

1.Nutra therapy-Nutra therapy is the best way for nourishing and rejuvenating your hair. This therapy is advantageous in the context of repairing and protecting all layers of hair. This therapy is well known for preventing hair breakage and hair loss as well. In this treatment approach, vital nutrients are supplied through the scalp which provides beneficial results for the fragile hair follicles. Both Males and Females can go for this therapy.

2.PRP Treatment- PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is an advanced procedure for hair loss problems. It’s considered effective for both men and women. It works better for hair growth stimulation where PRP is used. Basically, PRP has a higher density of blood plasma as compared to normal blood circulation. PRP has concentrated Growth factors . At Krishna Aesthetic Center , we add additional Nutrients to the PRP , making it more rich in Growth Factors and giving better results Our team of hair regrowth treatment / PRP treatment offers you world-class treatment without any hassle. We are continuously working over this, establishing ourselves as a one-stop solution for hair problems. We aspire to bring positive results and happiness to our clients.

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Growth Factor Therapy

1. Growth Factor is one of the most advanced Hair Regrowth Treatments that is used in cases where the hair is more Damaged.

2. Gro – factor is a US-FDA approved treatment that can give results in severe cases too. GFT can deliver outstanding results in continuous hair fall problems. Our experts have vast experience in implementing this therapy. In this process, we use growth factors for promoting better scalp health and improving the production of the hair follicles. This helps in preventing baldness and reduces the rate of hair fall.

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Kolis Muller NY Citizen

Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question Marks and devious.

Kolis Muller NY Citizen

Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question Marks and devious.

Kolis Muller NY Citizen